Gym Membership

Gym membership starts each year on 1 July and finishes on 30 June.

Gym applicants must be current financial members of Yamba SLSC in order to join the gym. Patrolling members who wish to use the gym must complete a gym membership form each season. All Associate, Long Service and Life Members are eligible to use the gym once the required fees are paid and the gym form has been completed. The minimum age for gym membership for non-patrolling members is 25 years of age.

Gym fees are $200+ club membership fees for 12 months gym membership.

PATROLLING members are entitled to free use of the gym provided patrol requirements are fulfilled e.g Active Reserves must complete 12 hours of patrol to be eligible for free gym. Active members must fulfill patrol requirements.

Active patrolling members are reminded that you must be financial BEFORE you complete your Proficiency Test. All membership fees are non-refundable

Gym Membership Forms

You can download gym membership forms here